15 Female Financial Bloggers you need to follow in 2016

Female Financial Bloggers

15 Female Financial Bloggers you need to follow in 2016

Budgeting for your personal finances is like being on a diet. You are constantly resisting the urge to splurge, much like you keep yourself away from that delicious box of chocolates. However, budgeting should not be just about cutting back and deprivation. Rather, you should think of it as using your resources more efficiently. Here is a list of 15 blogs that coach you on personal budgeting that you should follow in 2016:

Budget Blonde

The Budget Blonde blog is managed by Cat, who is a full-time blogger. Apart from sharing her everyday personal experiences, she is an expert on personal finance. She works with many clients and has written hundreds of articles on personal finance, published all over the web.
She started her blog in May 2010. Since then, she has relocated to the Caribbean from the US and paid off all her credit card debt. She has worked for many high profile clients, including the Huffington Post and Life Hack. The topics she enjoys writing are personal finance, managing money, difficult life experiences, marriage, living abroad, traveling abroad and motherhood. Cat has recently launched a guide, called “Family. Finances. Freedom”, which is available for free on her website.

Broke Millennial

The Broke Millennial blog is managed by Erin who is 26 years old and also preaches about personal finance. She tells a cute story about how she’ll never forget a beautiful gift she received from her father after selling donuts during a garage sale at a young age. You can read the story here. Furthermore, Erin finds that economics has shown her how empowering money can be, and since then she has been highly fascinated with building wealth and understanding money.

She aims to increase financial literacy through her blog, mostly by sharing her experiences on personal finance. She does not actually have a finance/business background, but graduated with a BA in journalism and theatre. She has a disclaimer on her website that says she is not a certified expert on personal finance, rather, it is just what she has learned on her own and wants to share. Erin also writes for many high profile clients.

Kali Hawkl

The Kali Hawlk blog is managed by Kali herself. She is now a recognized blogger in the personal finance niche. She aims to help people live mindfully and without the burden of debt. Currently, she is running a mentorship platform for creative women, and she also works as a freelance writer and a marketing consultant for financial advisors. She believes there is no cookie cutter answer when it comes to personal finance. She encourages people to question themselves how they can create and make more money. Her writing expertise lies in money, personal finance, entrepreneurship, and career counseling.

The Heavy Purse with Shannon Ryan

The Heavy Purse is managed by Shannon Ryan and she calls herself ‘financially real’. Shannon’s passion for personal finance was driven by her dad and she is a Certified Financial Planner. She says that when she was young, female advisors were not taken seriously, which only motivated her to be more successful.
She has successfully broken the glass ceiling and her motivation still remains in helping people build a healthy relationship with money. Shannon started her website, the Heavy Purse, when she realized how important financial literacy is. She believes money can be emotional, which is why we tend to splurge during our happy and sad moments. She also suggests breaking the money taboo cycle, where money is not discussed openly, especially in front of children.

Financially Blonde

The Financially Blonde blog is managed by Shannon, who is in fact a blonde herself. She finds that being blonde could actually be a measure of someone’s intelligence. Her colleagues, clients and bosses sometimes find it surprising that she is financially smart despite being blonde.
Shannon strives to redefine what it means to be blonde and wants to clear the misconception that being blonde means you are not bright. For her, ‘blonde’ means being financially astute and living smart, while being fun and fabulous. On her website, she shares tips, tools, and ideas, which help people better best financial choices, or as she puts it “financially blonde choices”. She recommends Next-Gen Financial for people who want to maintain a financial fitness plan, customized to their needs.

Club Thrifty

The Club Thrift blog is managed by Holly Johnson who is a freelance writer and blogger. She claims she can write about a variety of topics in any style. Her area of expertise, or rather the topics she enjoys writing about are frugality, credit card rewards, frugal family travel, minimalist lifestyles, bread-winning women, optimized living, self-employment, female leadership, budgeting and parenthood. Holly has written for many high profile clients, such as The Wall Street Journal, Personal Capital, Fox Business, U.S News & World and many others.

Broke Girl Rich

The Broke Girl Rich website is managed by Melissa who is a young, 30-year old brunette. Melissa is on a journey where she wants to be financially stable so she can retire comfortably. On her website she has a money bucket list, what she likes to call “Mel’s Money Manifesto”. She works as a freelance writer, but is also a staff writer for Travel Blue Book, a regular contributor to the US News & World Report, graphic designer for Stapler Confessions and writes for many other high profile clients.
On her money bucket list, she has already crossed off her goal to pay all debts. She is now working towards saving 15% of her paycheck, building a $10,000 emergency fund, maxing out IRA every year, learning how the stock market works and wants to save up for a car and house. She also wants to write a book and continue her frugal living. There are a lot of other things she wants to achieve and all of them are smart living choices she intends to make.

Budget and the Beach

Budget and the Beach is managed by Tonya since May 2012. Tonya is a video editor and blogger who resides by the beach in Los Angeles. Initially, Tonya struggled as a freelancer because she was she was laid off during the economic crisis of 2008. During her struggles, she realized she had been living beyond her means and had budgeted her finances poorly. By February 2012, she had spent all her savings and was actually $3,000 in debt. Through her blog, she not only makes an income but has realized the importance of personal finance. She is now an expert in finding fun ways to save money, examine spending habits, budget and plan a financial future.

Fit is the new Poor

Fit is the New Poor is managed by Chelles. Chelles and her husband have struggled financially as well. Her husband was laid off, which became a wake-up call for the high spending lifestyle they had been leading. Now her husband is employed and Chelles works as a freelance writer and editor. She is working towards paying off her student loan while putting the rest of their money towards charity, travel and experiences.
She claims that her blog is the journey of a “real person”. They are not sustaining themselves on minimalistic living. Rather, she teaches how to act like an adult when it comes to money. Her blogs are humorous, but they outline honest and real opinions.

Single Moms Income

Single Moms Income blog is managed by Alexa who is a single mother of two daughters. A few years ago, Alexa took out a $10K loan after she got divorced and used that money to buy a trailer. She worked as a bookkeeper and as an insurance agent to make ends meet. While she struggled to make time for her daughters, she also spent time on building an online business.
After many failed attempts, she found success in generating income from freelance blogging. Now she is doing so well that she quit both her jobs and is now happily married. She encourages her readers that there is nothing stopping them from making a decent living and all it requires is hard work.

Disease called Debt

Disease Called Debt is managed by Hayley who is a personal finance blogger and freelance writer. Her writing expertise are tips on getting out of debt, saving money, making money and building wealth. Initially, Hayley and her husband also struggled with debt, mostly credit cards and loans. However, now the couple has successfully paid off their debt, although it took 15 long years. She shares her journey from debt to freedom on her website as well. Hayley finds that her blog has helped her become focused and also provided her a support network. She now uses her blog to help other people get out of debt and teach them how to save and manage money more effectively.


Jessica Moorhouse is managed by Jessica herself. She is a seasoned blogger and podcaster for everything in relation to personal finance. Growing up, Jessica was not financially well-off and she paid her way through university as well. She has learnt frugal living from the beginning and is striving to save up for a future and lifestyle she always wanted. She started her blog four years ago just to keep track of her personal finance journey. However, now she provides support and guidance to her readers and helps them get on track so they can afford the lifestyle they always wanted too.

Savvy Working Gal

The manager of this blog calls herself Savvy. She is an accountant, wife, fur mom and an occasional book blogger. Through her blog she aims to share her 25 years of work experience while providing advice and tips on career and finance issues. Savvy says she actually started her own blog when she could not find anything interesting to read on the web.
Her writing expertise lies in providing tips for work, finance and just how to live life. Her blog has allowed her to set goals for herself, such as “be strong, making sense of the world and making women count with the ultimate goal of attempting to inspire women one post at a time.” For this reason, this blog has a large following of female readers.

Student Debt Survivor

The Student Debt Survivor blog website is managed by Kari, though she prefers to be called KK. KK is a 30-year old, non-profit professional writer who writes blogs about her struggles and success in paying off more than $30,000 in student loan debt. She lives and works in NYC and is now debt free. She paid off her entire loan within 2 years after graduation by making changes and adjustments to the way she made, saved and spent money. She realized she was living beyond her means and thus, started working extra jobs and set budgets. On her blog, she shares her experiences paying off debt and future financial goals.

Evolving Personal Finance

Evolving Personal Finance is managed by Emily and Kyle. On their website they discuss money topics suggested for forward thinking people between the ages of 20 and 40. The topics of their blogs revolve around budgeting, finances in marriage, careers, living well on less, saving and investing, and transitions common for young adults.
The writer of the posts is Emily, while Kyle manages the website on the backend. They are both 29 and live happily married in Durham, North Carolina. They have been financially independent since they graduated from college. Kyle was debt free and had some money in savings, while Emily was under a debt of $20,000 for a student and car loan. Within seven years, the couple was able to grow their net worth to an impressive $100,000. They have shared their financial successes and failures on the website. They now use their website to educate other people on how to lead a financially stable life.

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