Crowdfunding Platforms in Australia & New Zealand

Latest update: 7 December 2014. This post will continue to be updated as I add new platforms, or delete those that disappear. 

Australian Platforms



Focus: Capital Raising Platform for Unlisted Companies

Fees: Listing fee of $900 for application to apply. If accepted fee of $3960 to raise capital. If raise funds charged 8%. A sponsor fees will need to be appointed to provide investment documents, organise meetings with investors and actually fundraise with ASSOB, earning around 8% raised, Investors are not charged.

Read the interview with ASSOB CEO here.








Focus: Crowdfunding Australian cleantech. With a maximum goal amount  of $200,000, donations can be collected from as little as $5 up to $100 over a 90-day period.

Funding: CleantechFundr operates on an all or nothing model. If the campaign does not reach the funding goal within the timeframe, no money changes hands.

Fees: CleantechFundr collects a 7% management and review fee for successful campaigns. support via PalPal or credit card.




Focus: Aimed at social enterprises, not-for-profits and community organisations. Chuffed is the first crowdfunding platform in Australia to raise seed funding from a third party social innovation investor. Chuffed will also help customers design their campaigns.

Funding: Chuffed allows both all or nothing and keep all campaigns.

Fees: Chuffed does not charge fees for using the platform, but passes on transaction costs of 2% plus 30c per transaction. They do have an optional donation button to aid with administration of the site.

Read about their new Facebook app here.







Focus:  GiggedIn is an Australian crowdfunding website that is all about on ticketing to live music events. Event planners, venues and musicians can use the site to organise an event.

Funding: GiggedIn operates on all all or nothing basis with pledges from supporters of the gig only being charged if the minimum numbers are met. Once a credit card is charged, the supporter will have their tickets emailed to them.

Fees: GiggedIn charges a variable on every ticket sold through their system. If a pledged ticket does not convert to a sale, no money changes hands and no fees are involved.



Focus: Creative, Community, Commercial, Charitable

Funding: All or Nothing *Now a ‘Tipping Point’ model – see their site for details.

Fees: 5 % plus Paypal or Visa transaction costs (around 2-3%) on projects that meet their funding target.





Focus:  OzCrowd is open to a range of funding, whether it be for personal, donations, social enterprises, business or projects!

Funding: OzCrowd operate both All or Nothing OR Keep All (Flexible Funding)..

Fees: They charge a 2.9% administration fee. For All or Nothing campaigns they charge 2.9% only if the funding goal is met. OzCrowd also pass along credit card fees from their payment provider of 2.5% plus $0.30.



Focus: Creative and projects.

Funding: All or Nothing and Subscription. See this post for more details.

Fees: 4% (with invitation – see site for further information) or 5% standard. Transactions costs also apply and fees are only  charged if project meets funding target.





Focus: A pre-orders (crowdfunding) platform for funding books.

Funding: All or Nothing. If the campaign doesn’t reach pre-order goal, all donations are returned.

Fees: Publishizer charge 5% on successful campaigns plus PayPal transaction fees of 2-3%.



ReadySteadyGoFocus: Australian crowdfunding platform that appears to support a range of projects. Launched in November 2014.

Funding: All or Nothing as well as Keep All.

Fees: ReadyFundGo charge a 5% fee on all campaigns plus payment provider fees.



Sportaroo_Crowdfunding Sports teams

Focus: Crowdfunding for Sporting Teams

Funding: All or Nothing

Fees: 10% success fee with transaction costs generally sitting at under 3% of total project funding.

Read our interview with Sportaroo here.





Focus: Anything that is project based and meets their guidelines (i.e. nothing distasteful). Sproutback have set up partners to help with crowdfunding projects (for instance recording studios or graphic designers), will help with a mentor program and also offer 3D printing services for the cost of materials and shipping only.

Funding: All or Nothing

Fees: Sproutback charge 5% success fee plus transaction costs of 2-3%. Payments provided through Australian based eWay.




Focus: Crowdfunding for individual fashion designs. Stage Label enables fashion designers to offer their designs for pre-purchsase.

Funding: Tipping point and final funding goal. Until tipping point

Fees: 30% success fee – lower than the +50% most boutiques/retailers charge – with payment provider fees of around 3-4%.

Sign up Page


Focus: For social entrepreneurs and non-profits.

Funding: Until ‘funding tipping point’ it is All or nothing. After that it is Keep All. See their website for further details of their unique funding model.

Fees: 5% plus Paypal transaction fees.




Focus: A sports club and athlete fundraising site.

Funding: Operates on a Keep All model with all donations delivered to the fundraising organiser.

Fees: 5.5% fees with discounted rates to some of their partner clubs and organisations. They also pass on PayPal transaction fees of 2.4% meaning athletes or sporting clubs receive 92% of funds raised.




Focus: Crowdfunding scientific research. They launched as a global platform on day one!

Funding: To be confirmed

Fees: From their site: “10% service fee on any funds raised through your profile or project.  There is also a credit-card processing fee of 2.4-3.4% through our third-party gateway provider, Braintree (trusted by thousands of sites and part of PayPal). These charges depend on where your sponsor comes from with higher charges for international sponsors.”.



Thunder Funds Logo






Focus: Thunder Funds is aimed at all sectors of funding. These include Standard Campaigns (reward-based crowdfunding), Personal Campaigns (to raise funds for a cause or medical expenses or funeral for instance) and Equity Campaigns (to raise capital for a start-up in exchange for equity). Equity Campaigns are subject to certain rules including both creators and investors subject to special terms. There are only 20 investors per campaign allowed. Those ‘interested parties’ in an Equity Campaign become Investors if successfully funded. This is open to Australian organisations.

Funding: Personal Campaigns on Thunder Funds are keep all. Standard Campaigns appear (tbc) to be all or nothing. Equity Campaigns need to reach a funding goal, although Thunder Crowd reserve the right to extend the campaign period.

Fees: For both Personal Campaigns (which will always be successful as keep all) and Standard Campaigns, Thunder Fund will charge a 5% success fee. I’m assuming standard payment payment provider fees also are charged. I’m not clear if Equity Campaigns are also charged 5% (tbc).


If you would like your Australian crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, peer-to-peer lending platform or other listed here, please contact me or leave details in the comments and it will be added.

New Zealand Platforms



Focus: Crowdfunding for charities, causes and not-for-profits.

Funding: Givealittle operates on a keep all funding basis. Although funding target and dates can be set, all funds will be passed along regardless. Givealittle is also open to personal causes as well as charities, making it unique in the New Zealand market.

Fees: Since its acquisition by the Telecom Foundation, Givealittle is a zero fees fundraising service. This includes all transaction costs for the payment provider being absorbed by Telecom Foundation.



Focus: Creative

Funding: All or Nothing

Fees: 5% if you hit funding goal and around 3% transaction fees



Focus: Creative or Charitable.

Funding: All or Nothing.

Fees: 5% fee plus GST plus transaction costs if you reach funding.



Focus: Sporting Projects

Funding: Donations are passed along as received (Keep All) and Pledges are processed only if funding target met (All or Nothing)

Fees: 5% plus GST plus transaction costs from PayPal of around 3 percent.





: Crowdfunding for  Sports and Entertainment.

Funding: ThrillPledge operates as an all or nothing platform with no money changing hands unless the target is reached.

Fees: ThrillPledge charge a success fee of 9.5% and they state that 8.1% of this is for the payment gateway and banking charges.


If you would like your New Zealand crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, peer-to-peer lending platform or other listed here, please contact me or leave a comment below.

Crowdfund it! Ebook available through most retailersTo read more details about some of the platforms above as well as globally, purchase a copy of Crowdfund it!  directly from the publisher website – print or ebook. It is also available on ReadCloud bookseller partnersAmazonKobo, iBookstore, partner booksellers, Booku, and Tomely.

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